Fashion & Sustainability

The fashion industry has a dirty secret.

Inquinamento industria tessile

Thanks to the vast quantities of chemicals, pesticides and toxic dyes used to produce fabrics, it has the dubious honour of being the world’s second-biggest environmental polluter.

Ranking just one step behind oil, the fashion industry is struggling to clean up as the global appetite for low-cost clothes sends demand soaring, at a high environmental cost.

Slow Nature® wants to #ActFast to change the future.

A forward-looking Italian start-up, Slow Nature is working to change the industry’s harmful practices and bring ethical, slow-moving fashion to consumers.

Quality is vital to its core philosophy - of swapping disposable fashion for select garments, beautifully made from more conscious materials with focus on quality.

Slow Nature is poised to become a one-stop ethical fashion destination as clients seek out well-designed and sustainably made clothes.