Who Made my Clothes?

Slow Nature engages with its customers to ensure maximum transparency in the supply chain, which is why we show the suppliers who help us in the production of our personal collection of nightwear and living room clothing.



The Slow Nature clothing line is made from 100% organic cotton produced by Bergman Rivera.

Bergman Rivera is a pioneer in the production and promotion of organic cotton fabrics, especially in Latin America, where he has worked since 1986 supporting more than 160 families in three different regions of Peru.

Being made of 100% organic cotton, our line is recyclable and environmentally friendly.


The Slow Nature clothing line is made in Spain at the facilities of OM Designs.

A touch of luxury and craftsmanship are the contrasting finishes, created manually by folding the organic cotton fiber instead of using the usual synthetic fiber.

Even the white elastic on the bralette, bought by the company Moll, it can be considered ecological as it is OEKO-TEX 100 certified.


Textile certifications are the starting point for defining sustainable fashion, which is why all Slow Nature products are certified with a low environmental impact.

Certificato Cotone Biologico Pima  Certificato di Cotone Biologico   Certificato Oeko-Tex

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