Most of products that cost 90 Euro have free shipping,
Please, note that shipping costs will be calculated for each product separately if they are sold by the separate vendors. See in Q&A suggestions below on how to diminish shipping costs.
Update! We are fixing our service to PL, CZ, SK, LA, LI. Our apologies!


About product delivery

SlowNature acts a business accelerator between the customer and the sustainable label, aiming to help boost sustainable fashion industry. When you a purchase product on, you are purchasing it directly from the sustainable brand.
This is a sustainable way to manage business, as there is no additional warehousing, overstocking and sales related to remnants.
The labels on are independent vendors.



Why can't you offer free shipping on ALL of the products?

We offer free shipping for numerous products. You can see shipping costs at the bottom of every product.

Unfortunately, we cannot always offer a free shipping on items with inferior cost.

Slow Nature represents sustainable fashion, that currently does not have scale (like Fast Fashion does). Because sustainable fashion does not have scale, the logistic companies apply much higher shipping costs to our shipments. Some vendors apply a part of the shipping cost to the customer, others - cover it for you.


Shipping costs too high?

You can check shipping cost of each separate item in your cart by going back to the product page – click on Shipping Costs at the bottom of the product page. You can decide to remove the items with high shipping costs and keep only those items that you love the most.


Do I get a better deal if I buy directly from the vendor? acts as a business accelerator for sustainable fashion and living companies. When you a purchase product on, you are purchasing it directly from the sustainable fashion manufacturer, at the same price and with the same conditions. We mirror all the prices at all times automatically. Our target is to offer you the best customer service possible with all the purchases and returns.


What countries do you ship to? offers shipping around the world. Please, note that all our vendors are located in the European Union*, with majority being sustainable fashion labels from Italy.
For orders inside EU, no duties and taxes are applicable.
For orders from outside of European Union, the customer will be responsible to pay any applicable taxes and duties.
*few brands are located outside of EU, but in this case the brand takes the responsibility to clear the customs and pay applicable fees on behalf of the customer located in EU. None of these costs will be charged to the EU-based  customer.


Do you ship to UK after BREXIT?

Yes, most of the brands ship to UK. Please, note that you will be responsible to pay any applicable taxes and duties. 

Do you ship to Australia? USA? Canada? 


Do you ship to China?

Of course! 

Order status tracking.

You will receive a confirmation that the order has been shipped and the tracking details via e-mail. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam mailbox. 


I have a question / comment / suggestion.

Please, contact us here. We will answer very fast!


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