Slow Nature in Vogue

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Vogue gave us the honour of featuring Slow Nature on the Italian online edition. As major players in the fashion industry, Vogue cannot help but notice the industry’s growing concerns over the its carbon footprint and the devastating climate and ecological emergency we face. They rightly highlight Slow Nature as a response to these challenges and the difficulty the eco-conscious consumer faces in identifying green products and brands.

As an e-commerce marketplace for green fashion we plan to bring more than 300 European brands together on one platform to help promote sustainable fashion and give people fashion choices that don’t come with a greater cost for our planet.

Our rigorous screening process permits only brands which live up to standards of the highest quality, in addition to using eco-friendly, organic fabrics and a socially responsible supply chain.  We look for industry certifications to guarantee our products are as sustainable as possible.

Vogue Italy’s online magazine joins Business Insider in shining a light on Slow Nature as a starting eco-fashion retailer.

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