Women's Red Sweater in Organic Wool.

Red Robbia


  • Colour: red robbia.
  • Made from 100% Organic Wool.
  • Entirely natural but at the same time, incredibly soft, made of natural Italian wool, and dyed with natural pigments free of chemical additives.
  • Produced in Italy by specialized artisans.
  • Dyeing processes recall natural ancient receipts, improved by in-depth studies and exclusive textile technologies. Knitwear coloured with more than 200 natural ingredients, such as flowers, leaves, berries and roots, giving unique colours and shades. Nature blends with technology in an innovative dyeing process, far from any chemical substances. That’s why it was awarded in worldwide exclusive the prestigious Woolmark Approved Natural Coloration Technology. The best way to take care of nature and of our skin.
  • Italian knitwear means tradition and quality, worldwide acknowledged.
  • Collections are drawn by an Italian fashion designer team, boasting a solid experience in the field. They are developed in Italy by laboratories specialized in the production of garments of excellence which can take advantage of the most modern textile technologies and the skillful hands of the most expert tailors. Genuine Made in Italy garment, meeting the last fashion trends and comfort needs of the most demanding customers. Each is controlled and hand finished, before being ready for shipment. Quality as mission.

Ships from and sold by: Italy, Marja Moda Maglierie srl.
Company Imprint: Marja Moda Maglierie srl., Via Sannicandro 76, 70020 Cassano delle Murge (BA), Italy, VAT 03813420720
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