Save the Butterflies. Flower kit for balcony.

The Butterfly Garden in its cheerful package contains 4 varieties of plant and flower seeds selected by the Entomologists of the University of Bologna among those most loved by butterflies and their larvae. 
  • Each pack contains 4 cubes.
  • Each cube contains the seeds of a single plant species.
  • The butterfly garden contains enough cosmos, zinnia, phacelia, and wild fennel seeds to grow at least one 20cm diameter pot for each plant.
  • Sowing and germination period: Spring-Summer
Cosmos: Both in open ground and in pots. Long flowering in spring and summer. Likes sunny locations. No shadow. No cold. No wind. More light for more flowers. SOWING: from March to May. FLOWERING: from June to September. 
Zinnia: Very easy to grow. It has rapid growth. It attracts butterflies and moths. Reproduction from seeds that fall from the plant itself. He likes the light very much. It prefers well-ventilated places. It tolerates cold and heats enough.
SOWING: from March to May. FLOWERING: from July to October. 
Faceliae: Attracts bees. It is a plant that produces honey and is used for soil improvement. It is also used as an ornamental plant. It has rapid growth.
SOWING: from March to July. FLOWERING: from June to September. 
Wild fennel: It is sown in full soil, on fertile soil without water stagnation. It is an aromatic plant. Likes the sun. SOWING: from April to June. FLOWERING: from July to August.
Measurements: outer box approx. 6x6cm, inside each cube 3x3cm

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