TELA Golf Jacket in Tencel.

  • Made of 100% TENCEL™ & Recycled PET lining

  • Eco Dry Clean

  • Water-resistant

  • Vegan

Cover yourself safely with our water-resistant golf jacket made of sustainable materials. Timeless and classic design with a front zipper and button fastening in the high collar for maximum weather protection. Features a V-cut detail in the back collar and front side pockets.

KOMODO recommends

For extra warmth, pair with our cozy BOO hat and TOR mittens.

Delivery Time: Approx. 3-5 working days (Europe), 5-7 working days (Rest of the World)

Ships from and sold by: United Kingdom, The Yakit Rakit Ltd
Company Imprint:  The Yakit Rakit Ltd./ Komodo, 77c King Henrys Road, Nw3 3QU London, UK
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