Space Sleek Low Meteorites (W/M/X) Sneakers

Space sneaker line A fashionable Mars mission from Munich and developed a sustainable but at the same time technical, innovative and visionary futuristic sneaker project.

The individual data of each meteorite (name, age, weight, location, time of discovery, etc.) are lasered onto the sole side of the other shoe.
For this purpose, the already extremely minimalist classic Sleek Low was reduced to the essentials. The result is a slip-on sneaker made from ultra-light, water and tear-resistant Tyvek ® paper. 

The insole is made from recycled cork.

A separate, functional, minimalist lacing system has also been developed and is included with every pair of shoes.

The sneakers come wrapped in a gold and silver emergency blanket, inspired by the Apollo 13 mission.

The real rubber outsole and shoes are made fairly and by hand in Italy.
Three color variants are offered in limited quantities.

Fit: normal

Delivery Time: Goods are usually shipped out within 3 working days after order- and payment reception. For international orders, delivery times will vary accordingly by destination.


Ships from and sold by: K&T Handels- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Germany

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