Check Cape in Alpaca


Peruvian finest Baby Alpaca Cape, worn with free front bands or over the shoulders. A key piece on your wardrobe. Light & smooth stole: the best quality you deserve.

Unlike wool, alpaca is non-allergenic as it does not contain lanolin.

This Alpaca Check Cape in the Finest peruvian Baby Alpaca with fringes.

This cape is ideal for midseasons & winter. And for its high quality, refined and timeless style is a piece you can wear over many years.

In addition, you may leave it free on the front or wear the front bands around the shoulders.

Notably, this warm and super soft Cape is made in 100% the best quality of peruvian Baby Alpaca.

Measurements:  184 cm long x 130 cm width.

  • Handwash with neutral soap
  • Iron with low temperature
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry.

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