Biodegradable and Plastic-free Soap Bag

  • Your soap residue rescuer - made from 100% sisal - biodegradable - plastic-free - washable at 30 degrees.
  • Absorbs all the little soap residue that always slips between your fingers into the sink and ends up in the drain - that's over now!
  • The sachet is perfect for showering, because the soap foams wonderfully in it, while the firm surface structure frees your skin from old dandruff and makes it shine.
  • The sachet consists of the leaves of sisal fiber, a renewable resource that can be biodegraded. Sisal fibers are processed in ropes, ropes or carpets, among other things.

You just put your solid soap bar in the soap bag and go body care. When bathing or showering - as you like. If you have the feeling that it needs to be washed. No problem, just take out the soap and wash it at 30 degrees.

100% sisal (biodegradable)

Like all of our products, our soap bag is of course water-neutral, vegan & fair.

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