Rugged Prime Biker Rain Boots in Rubber and Recycled Leather.

  • Classic design with function and style
  • Waterproofed, it offers all aspects of rain boots
  • The leather part comes from cutting parts left over from the production for high end luxury brands, which are to small to re-sell and re-use otherwise
  • The patented technology is not only a complete new method of recycling and saving valuable resources, but also creates a unique look and feel in a luxurious vintage style
Upper-material: mix of rubber and recycled leather

Lining & insole:  synth. Textile
Outsole: Rubber
Use: 100% Waterproof (just like any common rain boot)
Fit: fits normal

Delivery Time: Goods are usually shipped out within 3 working days after order- and payment reception. For International orders, delivery times will vary accordingly by destination.

Ships from and sold by: Germany, K&T Handels- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Company Imprint: K&T Handels- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH, VAT Number DE 129391215, Theresienstr. 136A, D-80333 München [Munich], Germany
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