"Iris" Dress in Milk and Organic Cotton.

Malia Lab by Amato Flavia


A garment that comes from the union of two models: the shirt and the long dress. The upper part is close-fitting up to the high-waisted cut, from which a wide and soft skirt develops. The cut is made more interesting because it simulates the combination of a wide waist skirt over a shirt. The lower part is modeled like a soft skirt with hints of 50s-style volumes with visible decorative belts. A dress with soft volumes and accentuated lengths: from the skirt to the cuffs, each length is emphasized. A dress that lends itself to every type of physicality, which enhances the waist and which greatly enhances all curvy women. A dress that thanks to its fabric emanates lightness, that evokes and revisits the jeans effect. A purely chromatic effect: the milk and cotton fiber fabric is characterized by an incomparable softness in contact with the skin and by the peculiar thermoregulating characteristics. The charm of jeans, the softness of natural and innovative yarns, for a feminine shirt dress and an evergreen design.

  • Shirt dress made with the innovative milk fiber and organic cotton.
  • Delicate fabric in contact with the skin, with a jeans-effect coloring.
  • Wide flared skirt with a high-waisted cut.
  • Recommendations for the fabric: DELICATE cold or hand wash. Do not spin.

Delivery Time: Approx. 3-5 working days (Italy), 5-7 working days (Europe)

Ships from and sold by: Italy, Malia Lab by Amato Flavia
Company Imprint: Malia Lab by Amato Flavia, VAT Number IT03477252793, Via Provinciale, 157, 88060 Guardavalle Marina CZ, Italy
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  • Breast circumference: S (87), M (103), L (109)
  • Waist circumference: S (72), M (80), L (88)
  • Hips Circumference: S (92/100), M (100/108), L (108/116)
  • Length Dress from center back: S (110), M (112), L (114)
  • Sleeve Length: S (60), M (61.5), L (63)
  • 50% milk fiber, 50% organic cotton, hemp and raw silk details.
  • All clothing can be returned within 14 days.
  • Products are shipped within 48 hours.
  • This item ships from: Italy.

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