Organic 3 in 1 Divine Gift Set (Moisturizer /Serum /Mask).

aroma garden

    Divine Moisturizer + Divine Serum + Divine Mask

    The secret of Divine Moisturizer lies in its extraordinary formula: the main ingredient of this balanced blend of essential oils is the immortelle, the flower of eternal youth. This essential oil and Jojoba and Argan oils activate cell renewal and strengthen the skin. Added hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E increase the effect of the essential oils and protect your skin against free radicals, the harmful effects of which you are exposed to day after day.

    The Divine Serum has a regenerating, revitalizing and stimulates cell activity. A unique blend of 15 essential oils contributes to a significant improvement in skin balance. Jasmine oil regenerates and soothes. The geranium oil supports the elasticity of the skin while vitamins C and E promote balance.

    The Divine Mask deeply cleanses the skin while detoxifying and balancing the skin with a blend of essential oils. The cedarwood oil protects and regulates. Verbena oil soothes and is antiseptic. Clay cleanses the skin thoroughly and reminiscent.

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