"Cloe" Shirt in Cupro and Organic Cotton.

Malia Lab by Amato Flavia

Face Powder
Sugar Paper

Made with 50% organic cotton, 50% Cupro fiber
Sizes: 40-42-44-46-48,38-50 on request

A refined garment, made of cotton and cupro fiber, a yarn that also derives from cotton, but which, thanks to the transformation process, takes on a feel similar to silk, maintaining the qualities of breathability and comfort on the skin.
A model that plays on the light transparencies of the fiber and is embellished by a refined pleat on the chest, which slims and refines the silhouette.
Classic and delicate, it is a versatile and versatile garment, to create always different and refined outfits.
It adapts well to important occasions, but not only, try combining it with jeans and you will get an effect look, casual and chic.
The quality fabric makes this garment unique, original, to stand out with style, but with an eye to the well-being and health of one's body.

  • Fine blouse with pleated fiber in cupro fiber and organic cotton
  • A garment with an elegant design, suitable for dealing with important occasions in style.
  • Available in 5 colors: Powder, Sugar Paper, Anthracite, Gray, White
  • Breathable, delicate and comfortable fabric on the skin
  • Fabric: 50% organic cotton fiber, 50% Cupro.
  • The garment has a craftsmanship and is therefore presented with naturalness and authenticity, managing to bring to the wearer the positive energy of the passion and the ideals of those who made it.
  • Recommendations for the fabric: DELICATE cold or hand wash.

Delivery Time: Approx. 3-5 working days (Italy), 5-7 working days (Europe)

Ships from and sold by: Italy, Malia Lab by Amato Flavia
Company Imprint: Malia Lab by Amato Flavia, VAT Number IT03477252793, Via Provinciale, 157, 88060 Guardavalle Marina CZ, Italy
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  • Breast circumference: 40 (88), 42 (92), 44 (96), 46 (100), 48 (104)
  • Waist circumference: 40 (72), 42 (76), 44 (80), 46 (84), 48 (88)
  • Circumference Hips: 40 (102), 42 (106), 44 (110), 46 (114), 48 (118)
  • Shoulders: 40 (40), 42 (41.4), 44 (42.8), 46 (44.2), 48 (45.6)
  • Length from center to back: 40 (58.5), 42 (60), 44 (61.5), 46 (62.5), 48 (64)
  • Sleeve length: 40 (60), 42 (61), 44 (61.5), 46 (62), 48 (64)
  • 50% Cupro-50% organic cotton

Fabric made with two fibers deriving from the same plant, precisely cotton.
This allows to combine the properties of cotton, breathability, antistaticity, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenic capacity to the silkiness of Cupro fiber with qualities similar to silk.
The yarn is well suited to all skin types and above all for direct contact with the most delicate areas of the body.
Not to be underestimated, the fact that by buying organic cotton clothing, you are doing your part to protect the environment.
Its cultivation is carried out in full respect of sustainability with natural fertilizer, furthermore the minimal impact of the subsequent transformation of the plant, you find it in the quality and purity of the fabric.
The production of cupro is the result of a process that is today traceable and above all transparent, with both water and energy efficiency, which is able to recover almost all the materials thanks to its dynamic waste and waste management system.
Cupro, like natural fibers, is a biodegradable fiber, verified by tests carried out by the Innovhub-SSI.
Cupro's yarn has obtained the GRS, or ul GLOBAL RECYCLING STANDARD and ECO MARK, to certify the authenticity of its recycling process.
Furthermore, like all the yarns we handle, it is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

  • All clothing can be returned within 14 days.
  • Products are shipped within 48 hours.
  • This item ships from: Italy.

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