Bed Linen in Organic Cotton.

Dusty Pink/Green

• High-quality and noble bed linen made of 100% hand-printed organic cotton
• 160×200/65×100 cm
• The bed linen is made in the original fabric printing process and is produced exclusively by hand which turns it into a precious, unique item. The most important tool of the manufacturing process is the so-called “model”, a small piece of art made of solid wood, like a stamp with a pattern. The model is coated with the fabric color and then printed on the fabric by hand. The colours are water-based and are permanently fixed. The hand-printed bed linen can be washed in the washing machine.
• The colors are non-toxic, very lightfast, boil-proof. They have been developed by the master particularly  for model printing. The paints do not contain solvents. They are water-based.
• Duvet covers are decorated with coloured corozo buttons. They come from the seeds of the corozo palm, and are GOTS certified. In fresh condition these fruits can be eaten and drunk. In the dried condition they are getting so hard that they call them “vegetable ivory”.
• The packaging with the bed linen comes without plastic in the recyclable cardboard
• The fabric is already pre-washed and doesn’t shrink!


• Using coloured detergents, such as Persil, is absolutely improper for hand-printing, because they contain bleach, which cannot distinguish between the print and a stain: they just bleach everything.
• The hand-printed bed linen should be washed as hot as required. In most cases, environmentally friendly 40 C or 60 C are sufficient.


• 100% cotton satin (kbA, IVN BEST), natural (not dyed and not bleached)

Delivery Time: Shipping takes place within 3 working days after receipt of payment.

Ships from and sold by: Switzerland, Pamboo
Company Imprint: Pamboo, Inh. Anna Warth,  Gerbiweg 2,  8853 Lachen, SZ, Switzerland, UID Number: CHE-471.886.408
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