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rutz lda Terms and Conditions

rutz lda send products worldwide. If you are from a country out of the EU, the eventual custom costs or any other costs are not included in the shipping price. Orders made to Portugal are shipping free. For the rest of the world, please check the value presented in the order. Orders of shoes that are available are dispatched in 24 hours if you do your order in week days. The time for your shoes to arrive your home, in Portugal, is 72 hours maximum. For the rest of the world, it may vary between 4 to 8 week days. If you have urgency in your order please contact us through All rutz lda's products are made through numerous handmade processes, with natural materials,like cork, so every shoe we sell is unique and exclusive. Regarding this there may be some differences in every piece.

Cork shoes? Are they resistant?
The durability of a cork shoe is the same as any other shoe you buy and the longevity depends on the use you give to it. Cork is a very resistant material that exists, in it’s natural environment, to protect the cork tree. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree and it’s removed from the tree without hurting it. After that it has different treatments, concerning the use you want to give it. All the shoes of rutz lda are produced in Portugal and all the cork we use is of high quality, ensuring resistance to any floor or climate change.

Are cork shoes waterproof?
Yes, they are! Cork shoes are as resistant to water as a leather shoe, being a thermal material that keeps you shoes more comfortable.

Are rutz lda shoes eco-friendly?
Yes! Every material rutz lda use is selected according the principles of a sustainable and protected environment. The production of their shoes is sustainable and as the years pass we try to follow paths towards the protection of nature.

Are rutz lda shoes vegan?
Since rutz lda created the brand, they tried and had success producing sustainable shoes. Nowadays, they are working on more vegan models that you can find through the 100% vegan stamp.

How can I take care of my cork shoes?
Cork is a natural and very resistant material, therefore it doesn’t need any special treatment. Dust can be easily cleaned with cold water and if your shoes are made of natural cork you can use soap or a wipe without perfume. You can also use products to preserve regular shoes if their base is water. For darker colors it is possible to apply some paints, like leather or synthetic shoes.


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