POWER of Sustainable Brands

Slow Nature debuts with fully Sustainable Looks. We have demonstrated that dressing 100% sustainably, from Head to Toe is NOW possible. When corporations are publishing announcements, claiming to become sustainable by 2030 (and we take this with full understanding – because it takes time to revamp a complex supply chain), we are here to give VISIBILITY to the companies with Sustainability in DNA.

This initiative was covered by numerous media and we believe that the Power of Sustainable Brands can make Fashion industry a better place. Featuring garments from Humanitarian Clothing GmbH, JuNiki´s Double Neck GmbH, Komodo, MaliaLab, Manakaa Project UG, Martina Lewe, ALBERT LÓPEZ CAMUÑAS, Mori Collective Oy, NAE - COMERCIALIZAÇÃO E DISTRIBUIÇÃO DE CALÇADO VEGAN LDA, K&T Handels- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH, NUUWAÏ UG, Farther and Sun Ltd, Par.co Fashion SRL, Rhumaa B.V., JG Holistic Fashion GmbH, Souldaze Collection by Domitilla Mattei, Sophia Sheneider, The Blue Suit, The Nordic Leaves, TRADE PROMOTIONS SRL A SOCIO UNICO.

We promote collaboration and trasparency in the New Sustainable Fashion Era. Are you a sustainable brand? A brand aspiring to become sustainable? A Competitor?  Media? Whatever your motivation is, if you are in business to Save the Planet – get in touch with us and let’s do it together.

Act fast. Slow Nature.

Get Inspired by Fully Sustainable Looks.