Pietro Elia Comeri | Plant a Tree Project

"This t-shirt has roots that sink, branches embracing and leaves that breathe. Wear your own woods. Wear Life"

We firmly believe that our wonderful Planet needs defenders and allies. Together we can do something concrete for the Environment.

Pietro Elia Comeri donates 25% of its profits to the Emerald City (www.cittadismeraldo.it) project, which aims to improve urban ambitions in Europe's most polluted areas. How?

Through the planting of at least one hundred thousand trees over the next three years in the Pianura Padana area in Italy.

All this offers you the thrill of wearing an incredible t-shirt, organic cotton, of an unparalleled softness, extremely durable and with an eye-catching design. It's almost going to look like silk on your skin. The recycled paper packaging and FairWear certification (cotton obtained without exploitation of people or land) are the framework for an ethical and sustainable product.

Wear Pietro Elia Comeri and carry a flag, fight with us for a better world.

We firmly believe in it. What about you?