NUUWAÏ UG: Who Made my Clothes?

From the beginning, NUUWAÏ UG knew that it isn’t only important to them to produce vegan handbags - they also had to be produced under ethical conditions. 



NUUWAÏ UG's APPLESKIN is made in Italy and is Ökotex-100 certified. It consists of 50% apple waste, which accumulates during the production of apple juice and other apple products.

NUUWAÏ UG's base material AppleSkin consists of  leftovers from the apple industry which are dried and ground to a very fine apple powder.  AppleSkin is Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified.




The lining of NUUWAÏ UG's bags consists of 100 % recycled plastic bottles and fishnets, which are being fished out of the oceans as part of the ECOALF Foundation's "Upcycling the Ocean" project.

Every year 8 million tons of waste end up in the oceans. Three quarters of this waste consists of plastic which mostly enters the seas through rivers. This happens especially in countries where the collection of waste does not succeed. "Upcycling the Ocean" collects the plastic waste, cleans it and processes it into small plastic flakes. In the further process, the flakes are spun into polyester fibers. From the won yarn clothes, accessories and also the lining of our bags are being produced.



NUUWAÏ UG's bags are made in a family-owned production near New Delhi in India.

NUUWAÏ UG's production in India is family-run in the third generation and places great emphasis on fair and safe working conditions. The building, where production is located, was newly built 2 years ago and has all the necessary safety precautions, such as signposted escape routes, emergency exits, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, protective clothing for workers. All workers receive a fair living wage, and some of them have been with the company for more than 20 years. In addition, their production is SMETA 6.0 certified, which ensures social standards and excludes child labor, forced labor and discrimination and ensures regular working hours. NUUWAÏ UG team is visiting the manufacturing facilities on the regular basis.


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