Manakaa Project UG: Who Made my Clothes?

Manakaa Project UG's idea was to create a brand that would appreciate and honour the precious art of embroidery and those who create them. Manakaa Project UG founders came into contact with the art of Indian bead embroidery through a social project. Manakaa means “bead or pearl” in Hindi. The appropriate title for a project whose concern is not only the product itself, but also the appreciation of the embroiderers and the fair use of resources.  



Non-violent organic silk from Cocccon, India.

Cocccon – crafts & loom supports the work on the biological and non-cruel process of breeding and cultivating silk worms without the use of any kind of pesticide, fungicide or genetic sprays.
The Project also supports the local community by employing local women groups. Unlike traditional methods, non-violent Ahimsa silk is produced without killing silkworms as usual. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term for the principal of non-violence, which reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals and nature in many eastern religions.

Organic virgin wool from certified wool farms.

Organicz is Zuleeg’s answer to the question concerning future sustainability. In order to be certified as organic, wool has to be produced according to strict regulations pertaining to the production of organic products. Animals may only be fed with certified organic feed and the use of synthetic hormones and pesticides as well as genetic engineering are strictly forbidden. The reprehensible procedure in which sheep are immersed in insecticide is prohibited; exemplary and natural practices are promoted. It goes without saying the these animals are not tortured in any way – this wool is mulesing-free.
For the dying of organic wool, heavy-metal-FREE dyestuffs with a minimal negative impact on the environment have to be used which immediately bind with the wool fibre thereby producing less wasted water that has to be disposed of into the environment.

Organic cotton.

Stoffonkel have been around since April 2014 in the south of Berlin in the Green Park in Stahnsdorf.
Stoffonkel's fabrics are produced exclusively for them organically with partners mainly based in Turkey. From there comes the certified organically grown organic cotton.

Cashmere from Bodio’s, Mongolia.

Bodio’s was founded by J.Ulziibodijav a mongolian normand from the Gobi dessert. He started his business as a cashmere tradesman. After two decades in business he founded his own knitwear company. By paying above market-rateswages and contributing to his prosperity in non-financial ways Ulziibodijav aims to lead the way in setting new standards for responsible business practices in Mongolia.  The result is a 100 % premium cashmere, hailed by experts as one of the best in the world.      

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