MADAMAMA SRL: Who Made my Clothes?

At the basis of MADAMAMA SRL, there are three main factors: the environment, ethics, and transparency. MADAMAMA SRL uses certified organic cotton and high-quality low impact recycled materials from Italian suppliers. 


Ratti S.p.A.

Ratti has integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility into one management system.
Environment means sustainability: respect for the ecosystem, less consumption, more attention to materials and products, recycling. Safety of people at work, process and environmental safety.
Ratti obtained certifications ISO 14001, SA 8000 and OHSAS18001.

Tessitura Sidoti S.r.l.

The raw materials used by Tessitura Sidoti S.r.l. are carefully chosen and meet the growing quality requirements and fashion trends required by the market, the result of constant research: from cotton fibers to viscose fibers, from tencel to polyamide, from wool to cashmere blends.
In 2000, Tessitura Sidoti S.r.l. obtained the UNI EN ISO 9002; 1994 certification. Tessitura Sidoti S.r.l.'s fabrics are subjected to regular quality checks, which include both the inspection in specula and the dimensional drops in washing on all the consignments delivered.

Fasac S.p.A.

"Green awareness" is at the heart of Fasac's core values and takes the form of a sustainability policy applied to various business areas.
The company has invested in the field of energy efficiency and optimisation of energy consumption with the installation of 2 photovoltaic plants and 1 gas cogeneration plant.


MADAMAMA SRL's garments are manufactured in ITALY, Campania and Lombardia regions.






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