MADAMAMA SRL Returns Policy

If you want to return an item purchased on our marketplace, please send us a message to info(at) Please, provide us with order number and we will help you manage your return.  Below you will find more information about the Vendor Returns Policy.


Within 14 (fourteen) days of the notice of withdrawal (transmitted in accordance with the previous article 10.2) the Customer must return the purchased Products to the Owner by sending them to the address indicated on the product shipping documents.

Unless otherwise indicated on the Site, the costs for returning the Products to the Owner are charged to the Customer.

Products must be returned intact, unused, undamaged and with labels still attached.

In case of depreciation of the Products, due to a manipulation of the same that is not strictly necessary to verify the nature and characteristics, the Owner reserves the right to refuse the refund of the Products.

The Customer is solely responsible for any decrease in the value of the Product resulting from the handling of the Product other than that necessary to ascertain its nature, characteristics and functioning.


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