Lease Fashion

We are working on this program now. Watch this space to be among first participants.
Why you should Lease Clothes

Because it is better for the Planet. Many of our customers appreciate a possibility to be able to possess a smaller wardrobe and ensure that garment has a circular life cycle. 

Because it is better for People. Many people are willing to switch to sustainable fashion. But it comes with high price tag due to the fundamentals of sustainable fashion: high quality, ecological raw materials, ethical labour practices, smaller manufacturing batches. As a matter of fact, a high quality garment, manufactured in ethical labour conditions, made with the most environmentally friendly materials and overall principles of slower fashion can never compete on price with fast fashion operators. But that does not mean we will give up this fashion revolution! With lease, our customers can enjoy high quality sustainable fashion garments divided into small monthly payments. 

PS. By the way, have you ever thought about cost per wear? This is where fast fashion does not win, as their garments are very frequently worn just few times. Do the math - you will see how it makes them more expensive than sustainable fashion.


So, what happens after 12 months?

After 12-months period is over, no more charges will be applied any more.

Here are suggestions what you can do:

  • keep the garment (wear it, love it, do what you prefer). No more charges will be applied.
  • swap it to the new garment. We will pay the return shipment and will deduct one payment from this plan, as a membership discount. Amazing!
  • send us back the garment, so that we can utilise it in the most circular way. We will pay the return shipment.


How payments work?

You will be charged a monthly fee for 12 months. For example , if you have chosen  Flavia nightwear set you will be charged 12 immediately, and then 12 as a recurring payment for remaining 11 months. After all instalments are made, no more charges will be applied.

If you decide to swap the garment for another one (available only after 12 instalments are made):

  • ask for a free return shipping label and send us your used item
  • we will deduct one month from new recurring payments: thus you will pay €12 immediately and then €12 as a recurring payment for another 10 months (instead of 11 months!).
What will we do with old garments?

If you will decide to send us back the garment to close the loop, we will gladly try to give it a second life as a first priority. After refurbishing, we will gift or resell the garment, so that someone can love it, too. 


 Please find Q&A to Lease program here.


Do you have any suggestions to above program? We would be glad to hear from you. Any idea is a gift to us! Drop us an email: info (@)