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ID LAB S.r.L. Terms and Conditions


Before ordering any product from the Site, we invite you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of purchase. The Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases on the Site therefore we encourage you to review them in full.


When you place an order on the Site to purchase one of our products (“Products”), you accept the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the Terms and Conditions of Use without reserve and you commit to respecting them.

If you need any further information regarding any one or more of the terms or conditions established under the Terms and Conditions of Purchase, we discourage you from placing an order and invite you to contact our Customer Care (

The Terms and Conditions of Purchase are identical in all countries of the European Union and Switzerland in which the Site is active, while they differ slightly in countries outside of the European Union.


Our Site is directed only towards end consumers.

Any single customer can order for up to a maximum value of of 2.000,00 EURO per any single order.

If you are under 16 years of age, you are not permitted to either navigate our site or purchase Products. If you are not at least 16 years of age you are not permitted to send us any personal information as per the laws and regulations in place.

You can make a purchase if you are either a Registered User or a Guest. If you are a Registered User, the compilation of the order will be facilitated by the information already registered in our system.

You can purchase the Products through any national interface but pay close attention to the prices and the shipping costs. Please remember that, according to the law in place, the tax rate of ID LAB’s country of registration, Italy, or of the country of delivery of the Products (when the tax rate plafond is exceeded in case of the member countries of the European Union) must be applied. In the case in which the delivery country is outside of the European Union it is considered an exportation and the tax rate is not applicable.


You can view the Products for sale as well as all the related information on our Site. When you choose a Product, to purchase it you must fill out an order form and submit it following the instructions that appear on your screen. Submission of the purchase order constitutes a purchase proposal of the Product(s) listed in the order and acceptance of the ID LAB Terms and Conditions of purchase.

The purchase proposal becomes binding for you from the moment in which you send it and therefore you will not be able to revoke it. You will, however, be able to recede from the order within 14 days from delivery.

We will process the information contained in your order form and we will archive it only up until the expiration of the guarantee terms and, in either case, not beyond the period dictated by law.

ID LAB S.r.L. reserves the right, at any time, to verify your order and/or to refuse it, without any obligation for an explicit explanation. Here below a few examples of cases in which ID LAB S.r.L. may exercise its right to refuse an order.

The ordered Products, even if still visible on the Site, are not available anymore;

Failure to obtain payment authorization on behalf of your credit card or bank account provider;

We suspect that the order was sent through the use or the adoption of software, robots, crawlers, spiders or other means or automatic devices.

Once the order information has been submitted, you will be able to view the link that will bring you to the order number and the order details.

The purchase contract is concluded only once you receive an e-mail containing the order confirmation, the order number and the information of the ordered Product(s). You will also receive a link with the delivery details.

Please pay attention when filling out the order form: it is your sole responsibility to guarantee that the information provided in the order form is accurate and complete.

If you made a mistake, please contact Customer Service ( Please be informed that to modify a shipping address, some couriers may apply extra charges.


Your order is processed immediately upon submission. If you wish to change a Product, you may do so only within 1 day by immediately contacting via e-mail. If your order has already been shipped, you will have to proceed with return and a new purchase.


If you made a mistake, please contact Customer Care at ( within 24 hours of order submission and they will do their best to help you


The indicated prices are in EURO (EUR) and include all local VAT

Please note that we reserve the right to modify the price of the Products and to change, limit or terminate any special offer, promotion or discount whatsoever on the Products in any moment in time.

Special promotions and discounts may also depend on the selected country.

In the case in which a Product is placed in the Cart without submitting the order, the purchase contract is not considered complete. We invite you to always double check the price before submitting an order because it could have been subject to variation.

Please note that prices vary from country to country also due to the differing applicable VAT rates implemented by each separate country. According to the law in place, the tax rate of ID LAB’s country of registration, Italy, must be applied unless in any single country of the European Union the tax rate plafond has been exceeded. In the case in which it has been exceeded, the tax rate of the country of delivery will be applied, and only in this case the final VAT inclusive price will be recalculated based upon the country in which you’ve requested delivery.

Prices may also vary during official or normal sales periods in some countries or during promotions dedicated to some countries or for other reasons in any single country.


We have special shipping rates with the major couriers: delivery of the Products will be made according to the norms and delivery conditions of the couriers. You will receive an e-mail with the information regarding the courier so that you are able to verify the relative terms, conditions and policies as well as the expected delivery date or time frame.

Some couriers require a signature for receipt for delivery.

Delivery to every single part of the world is not guaranteed.

Some couriers allow you to track your shipment. If a tracking service is available, the courier will let you know the tracking number with which you’ll be able to monitor the status of your shipment. Some couriers allow you to book delivery. This is a service which is offered directly by the couriers and we do not assume any responsibility or liability in its regard.

The shipping fees of the Product(s), any applicable duties and customs clearance costs are at your expense as always specified in the order.
Shipping fees and delivery times vary based on the Product, the country of destination and the selected delivery option.

Delivery will occur by the date indicated in your order or within a maximum of 30 days and to the place indicated by you. We do not assume any responsibility should the Product(s) be delivered to any person or persons not authorized by you.

Couriers deliver to private homes or offices.


Failed/uncollected deliveries of Products will be left in storage as per the terms established by the courier. You can check these specific terms on the courier’s website.

Beyond this term, the courier will return the Products to our warehouse.

Once Products of the failed/uncollected delivery have been returned to our warehouse, you will receive a full refund of the price paid in the original form of payment less the shipping fees and storage fees.

We will send you relative information to the e-mail address by you provided in your order.


In case we choose to or in case we are required to by law to send or make a fiscal invoice available, we reserve the right to ask you your fiscal code/tax identification number and to send or make the invoice available in an electronic format.


The delivered Products remain our property until we fully collect the funds relative to the price and the shipping fees indicated in the order form.

In case loss or destruction of goods occurs before delivery to the address indicated by you, the responsibility remains ours.


To assist you in choosing the perfect fit for footwear and clothing, a Size Chart is available.
Every foot and every body varies in terms of shape and therefore the Size Chart cannot be considered a concrete reference.


You can exercise your right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen (14) days from delivery without any obligation to state your reasons. You will be asked if you wish to share your reason(s) for the sole purpose of improving our service but you have the right to refrain from replying.

In case multiple Products were ordered in a single order yet shipped separately, the latest delivery date will be considered.

To exercise your right of order withdrawal, you can send a withdrawal declaration in which you declare your wish to recede from the purchase contract either via e-mail to

The processing of the withdrawal in our system will not be immediate.


If you decide to recede from the contract, all of the made payments will be refunded, including the shipping fees from ID LAB to you (except the extra fees in the case in which you had chosen a shipping option other than the standard shipping offered by ID LAB), with immediate effect and within a maximum of fourteen (14) days from the date in which ID LAB has received the notice of the recession of the contract.

The refund will be made in the original form of payment selected at the time of order placement.

The refund may remain in stand-by until we have received the returned Product(s).

All costs associated with your return are your responsibility except when otherwise stated and specified that ID LAB will sustain them
If you have paid duties for delivery, after the return you will be able to request a refund of such costs from the relative Customs office.

Please be advised that the Products will have to be returned strictly within fourteen (14) days from the date in which the contract recession has been communicated. The recession period is considered valid if the Products are shipped back before the fourteen (14) day period has passed from its communication.

Please be advised that you can return only new, unworn and intact Products in their original box (including any accessories, labels, tags, seals, etc.).
All returns are subject to verification of original sale, and ID LAB reserves the right to limit returns and/or refuse them and return the Products to the shipper in case the Products are used, not intact or lacking the original box and/or accessories or are in any case unfit for resale.

In case of refusal of the return, you will be contacted by Customer Care via e-mail at the address that you provided in the order and we will return the Product to you; it will be your responsibility to arrange the pick up and sustain the shipping fees.


For ID LAB, quality is a fundamental key value. For any communication regarding a defect or a nonconforming aspect of the Product(s), we invite you to contact our Customer Care, we will be happy to assist you.

ID LAB is responsible for the nonconformity or the defects of the Products that you purchase on the Site as per the applicable laws.
If you have basis to believe that the Product that you have purchased is damaged, presents a defect or is nonconforming, you can return it by initiating the return procedure by filling out the form here. The shipping fees of the return due to a defect or nonconformity are initially at your expense (except if you use our courier) and will be refunded to you if, at the time of quality control of your Product on our premises, the stated defect or nonconformity will be confirmed.

If, following inspection, the defect or non conformity is confirmed, all of the costs sustained by you, including the cost of the Product and that of the shipment, will be refunded.

If the defect or non conformity is not recognized following inspection, we will ship the Product in question back to you and the relative shipping fees will be at your charge.

We do not refund Products that have been:

Damaged due to inappropriate use or negligence (including but not limited to exposure to chemical or caustic substances, flame, elevated heat, sharp objects, etc.).

Damaged due to inappropriate use or activity other than that for which they are intended (for example, use of footwear to practice sports or footwear for professional use, etc.).

Not purchased from our Site.

For which the warranty period has expired.

ID LAB provides a warranty for the Products for two years and, in either case, for the period established under the applicable law, if greater than such term.

Note: the life expectancy of ID LAB Products depends on the individual use of the Product, the conditions of use, and the habits of the owner. Products damaged due to regular wear and tear are not substituted.

Customer Care is available for any information you may need, please feel free to contact us for any questions and/or comments.

Products that are returned back to you because not considered defected, that you fail to receive/do not collect will be left in storage as per the terms established by the courier. Beyond such term, the courier will return the package to us. In such a case, you authorize ID LAB, after 30 days, to donate the Product to charity to those entities or organizations chosen by ID LAB at their discretion or to dispose of them without refunding the amount paid by you. You will, in either case, be informed accordingly by Customer Care via e-mail at the e-mail address you provided in your order.



If you have any questions or comments regarding the Terms and Conditions or in case you wish to voice a complaint, Customer Care is always available.


ID LAB S.r.L. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions from time to time.
The use of the Site, just like any of the purchase contracts between the Customer/User and ID LAB S.r.L. is subject to the version of the Terms and Conditions in vigor at the moment in which the purchase order is made through the Site, or in the moment in which the Site is navigated.
We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions when visiting our Site because by doing so you agree to accept any such changes. The version is indicated with the date of the latest update, listed on the bottom of the page.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law. The law of the country where you reside may provide for regulations to your greater favor that protect you even if Italian law is applied.

In case of controversies, you may access the European controversy resolution procedure at the following link:

In the case in which the controversy is not solved through the European controversy resolution procedure, competency is of the Court of Florence, Italy, without prejudice of the exclusive competency guaranteed by the regulations of necessary implementation.


In case of contrast between the Terms and Conditions and whichever other content present in other parts of the Site or possible links, the Terms and Conditions contained in this document prevail.

Each clause of these Terms and Conditions is treated separately and independently from each other. In the case in which any one or more clauses is cancelled, invalidated or otherwise judged not feasible, such clause will be considered separable from the rest of the terms and will not undermine or affect the feasibility of the remaining clauses of these Terms and Conditions.


ID LAB S.r.L. reserves the right to surrender one or all of the rights and obligations deriving from the Terms and Conditions to any third party.
You will not be able to surrender your rights or obligations deriving from the Terms and Conditions without prior written consent on behalf of ID LAB S.r.L.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you declare to have understood and expressedly accepted every single provision contained there within. You also declare to expressedly accept the previsions of WHO CAN PURCHASE PRODUCTS FROM THE SITE, ORDER CANCELLATION (O WITHDRAWAL), DELIVERY: DESTINATIONS, TIMES AND FEES, CONSEQUENCES OF WITHDRAWAL, NONCONFORMING OR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS


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