Cooperativa Sociale Quid: Who Made my Clothes?

Cooperativa Sociale Quid is a unique non-profit initiative made in Italy, connecting the desire to help women with complicated past and need to  make fashion a greener industry. Quid recovers dead stock high-quality textiles from prestigious fashion brands. These fabrics are regenerated into beautiful limited edition collections. But apart from saving the Planet, Cooperativa Sociale Quid is changing the society, giving a new start in life to people with vulnerable past. 



Cooperativa Sociale Quid has partnered numerous Italian textile manufacturers, it recovers textile that would otherwise go into the landfill.

Albini • Berto Industria Tessile • Besani • Borghi 1819 • Cervotes- sile • Cloudtherm • C.Q.T. Qualitex • Delago • Dragoni • Dino Zoli Tessuti • Dragoni • Erco Pizzi Lampo • Ledatex • Lisa • Mabo • Maglificio Maggia • Marzotto Fabrics • Mazzocchi Passamanerie • Mekkitess • Metalbottoni • Miroglio Textile • Monti • Nastrificio De Bernardi • Olimpias Group • Olmetex • Penn Italia • Pratofabrics by Pratofinish • Ratti • Ruffo Coli • Serikos • SET Società Europea Tessile • Spac • Spal Tex • Staff Jersey Tessuti • Stamperia di Cas- sina Rizzardi Spa • Stamperie di Lipomo • Taiana • TBM Group • Tessitura di Albizzate • Tessitura Rossi • Tessitura Taborelli • Tes- situra Taroni • Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga • Tessuti d’Autore Golden Group • Testa • Tiba Tricot • Tintoria Moretti • Urbatex • Verian Tessuti • Vulcaflex



Cooperativa Sociale Quid limited collections are manufactured on its own premises in Avesa, near Verona city, Italy.

Cooperativa Sociale Quid employs 120 people, many of them with a complicated vulnerable past. This company gives a new future to women who has a history of emprisoning, drug usage or have been victims of human trafficking. The project was born out of founder's aspiration to give to these women a new start in life. Slow Nature has visited Cooperativa Sociale Quid manufacturing facilities, and we were impressed by high standards of support and growth program the company provides to its employees.


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