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 Welcome you to Slow Nature, a greenwashing-free community. Slow Nature is a marketplace where customers can buy environmentally-friendly products with the utmost confidence.

Slow Nature offers clothing brands that use sustainable eco-fabrics, in addition to beauty, personal care and living products made with organic, plastic-free ingredients.

If you have a brand or you are an artisan manufacturer making environmentally-friendly products, Slow Nature is offering you the chance to join our community for free. How? By selling your products on Slow Nature.



Who can join Slow Nature?

If you have an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that uses certified fibres which have small environmental footprint, you could be the type of company we are looking for. Brands must provide a valid sustainability certification. How can I add my products to Slow Nature? Thanks to our online shop’s synchronization feature, we can automatically add your products to our portal as long as they are already available at your own e-commerce site. For most sellers we are able to automatically adjust and monitor prices, images, descriptions and stock levels. This automatic feature depends on what platform is used to create your own e-commerce site. Even if it is not compatible with our platform, we can still add your products manually.

Please note that Slow Nature only accepts applications from sustainable companies;
we carefully evaluate every single potential member.

How to join Slow Nature?

The first thing to do is send us a message to info @ slownature .com and let us know a bit about your brand. Please, provide us with link towards your web site. If you don’t have one, its not a problem, send us over a description and 2-3 pictures of the collection. 

Next, we will ask you to fill in Vendor Terms&Conditions with all the necessary information.

How much does joining Slow Nature cost?

Subscription to Slow Nature is totally free. The Marketplace formula lets you pay only when sales are made, and our small sales commission.

What about customer returns?

We do not charge any commission if the customer returns the order.

Who pays for shipping costs?

We mirror shipping fees you apply to your customers on your own web shop. Slow Nature does not charge commission on shipping fees that customer pays. Though it is not mandatory, we recommend to offer free shipping to Italy, UK and Germany if you want to enjoy more sales.


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