The Finet is not just another organic collection, it is so much more than that. Its uniqueness is in attention to women’s needs left out by fashion industry. Just keep on reading….

The Finet has designed its garments for women that take care of their own well-being. All the fabrics and accessories in our collection are 100% organic and GOT certified, which allows those with significant allergies diseases to feel comfortable and comfortable with our garments.

The XL size designed for women of large sizes who usually have difficulty accessing current designs and trends, allows you to enjoy all our models. That's why size XL has been made with a 124cm chest contour.

In addition, in the Finet collections, we will always find a design fastened at the back to facilitate the placement of the garment in those people who have a serious limitation of their mobility. Thus, we facilitate their full participation in current fashion trends, helping with social inclusion.

Its fabrics and accessories are 100% organic, high quality, pure, biodegradable, respecting the natural colors of the cotton plant. For this reason, this collection is presented in 3 colors for the different designs.

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