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We want to tell you something extremely IMPORTANTfor us. We are a small independent company and our target is to put under a spotlight truly sustainable products, giving a voice to small ethical designers. We are not influenced by investment funds  and shareholders, this is why we are able to put as a top priority sustainability standards and not financial metrics.


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But in the world of fast disposable fashion, many sustainable companies struggle to survive. If you care to change that, please subscribe to our newsletter. We do not ask you to buy anything now or ever, but we care to stay in touch. In the highly monopolized digital world, where  the size of the advertising budget decides whether we will have visitors to our web site or not, we value a lot the fact that you have stopped by. It costs you nothing to subscribe, while for us it changes EVERYTHING.We will know that we do not do our work in vain, and there are people that actually care about sustainability. You will never be our ‘prospect’, you will be our new best friend and we really value you joining Slow Nature team of people that think-alike.


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