Are you looking for lingerie that is gorgeous, good for sensitive skin, sustainable, and cruelty-free at the same time? Look no more, because Olly Sustainable Lingerie is exactly what you need. None of the materials used are of animal origin. The organic cotton is labeled GOTS which guarantees that the cotton is grown without GMO, peticides, and is not bleached with chlorine. The GOTS label also ensures good working conditions for the workers that harvest the cotton.

Recycled lace helps reduce waste. The company that weaves the thread collects its own production scraps that would usually be left in the trash and crushes it by a mechanical process (and not chemical, always with the aim of polluting as little as possible). With this new material, the new thread is being weaved, which will then make it possible to make the lace.

All the dyes used to manufacture this lingerie line are labeled Oeko-Tex 100. This European label guarantees that the dyes used are not harmful. Dyes in clothes can be very harmful both to our health and the health o the planet. 

The carbon footprint  linked to transport is being reduces as all lace, tulle, staples, suspenders and sliders come from Europe, while most of the manufacturing is done in Hungary.

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