You want to feel pretty without destroying the planet? Uncover Olly Lingerie, design is ethical and eco-friendly lingerie. Be gorgeous and sexy without harming the planet.

The organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified. This label guarantees that the cotton is cultivated without GMO, without pesticides and is not bleached with chlorine. The GOTS label also ensures good working conditions
to the workers who pick the cotton.

Indeed, the recycled lace is made from a recycled fiber thread. The company which weaves this thread, recovers its own production scraps which would usually be thrown away to be destroyed and grinds them by a mechanical process. With this new material he can reconstitute a thread, which will allow to make the lace.

All manufacturing is done by European factories to support local know hows
and to limit our carbon footprint linked to transport. Thus all laces and tulles, hooks, straps and sliders come from Europe (France, Italy, Austria, Germany)
and panties are made in Hungary.


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