Are you a vegan activist, and wish you could turn everyone around into cruelty-free living? 

Why not proudly wear a vegan t-shirt, a simple fashion accessory that will serve as a reminder to those around you that are still in doubt.

Vegan fashion should not be damaging to the environment, too. It would be counter-productive to talk about love towards animals, but contribute to planet destruction by wearing clothing made with very polluting textiles (like synthetics that sheds micro-plastics into the seas every time you wash it; or conventional cotton grown with tons of pesticides polluting rivers and killing wildlife).

Express your strong believes through a BVeganly collection of sustainable shirts and sweat-shirts.  It is a fairly produced clothing, from social and environmental points of view. 

The textiles are certified organic, and thus are grown in under environmentally-friendly conditions, that is great for the soil, the waters around plantations, the insects and the wildlife.

Printing in Germany uses green electricity from renewable energy sources, water-saving DTG presses and environmentally friendly, vegan printing inks. The printing is done in Germany, only on demand, so no  excess production is ever made.

All shipments are plastic free.

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