Why you should quit big name fashion brands.

Why you should quit big name fashion brands.

When we buy big name brands, it’s an attempt to establish an identity. Let’s do a little exercise by recalling the most famous fashion brands and think what identity does is place on its owner? (Brand name) cool, (brand name) rich, (brand name) affluent, hip, winner, sporty etc. Would that actually mean that buying an item with a flashy brand name is a symptom of insecurity and an attempt to borrow some identity of that brand? 

We all know that there are better values to invest in. Like empathy, fairness, love towards the planet, quality. It might not sound hip enough for everyone, but it's exactly what I am looking for.

In my mid-twenties, I passed through a period of 'fashion addiction', too.  The adrenaline rush endless shopping, tons of shoes and luxury handbags...And let me tell you, every time the rush was gone, I was feeling miserable.... I bet lots of people can relate to this. 

Today when I decide to buy new piece of clothing, I am trying not to be influenced by big name fashion labels. First of all, I am asking muself: 

sustainable fashion brands review  an apple skin bag on the bicyclea girl dressed fully sustainably

  • What are the values of the company that makes an item that I want to buy?
  • Who made these clothes? Is the money that I pay will be held in the pockets of the  brand owner or will the margin be fairly distributed across the supply chain?
  • Does the garment have bigger purpose than just a fashion item? Will it communicate my personal values?
  • Is this brand creating more pollution? Or do they operate from standpoint that we have no planet B?
  • Is sustainability their core value or is it just a part of marketing plan?

Strangely, after I have put all of this together, I am looking differently now at someone who is wearing an expensive luxury bag or a famous brand of sportswear. I am not feeling less or more, I am just feeling different.

Will some people judge me for my choices? Would some misunderstand my style? Probably yes. But we all live with our own values, and you can’t make these values uniform across the society.  Hopefully my small sustainable wardrobe would actually pass the message to few people. This actually makes me 1000 x times more happy than a pride of wearing a big fashion brand. 

How did we get into this branded hype in the first place?? 

Don't Pay extra for big name brands, invest in Sustainability instead.©




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