Slow Nature In Business Insider

Slow Nature In Business Insider

 Slow Nature In Business Insider, ‘European fashion startups unite against fast-fashion giants: Slow Nature's challenge to dress responsibly’.

For the times they are a-changin”, sang Bob Dylan, and they certainly are when it comes sustainability. Globally, companies are looking for new ways to reduce their environmental impact. Yet in the world of fast fashion, sustainability often takes a backseat to the ever growing demand for on-trend designs straight off the catwalk at affordable prices. That’s where we come in. While the ultra-competitive nature of the clothing industry makes painfully slow strides in the right direction, Slow Nature fills the growing gap for sustainable fashion and offers an online platform to showcase eco-brands. And in a clear sign the business world is starting to sit up and take notice, we were featured in the Italian edition of respected news website, Business Insider.

Slow Nature said, "In Europe alone there are over 300 start-ups that manufacture and offer sustainable clothing and accessories while still respecting worker’s rights. We have developed a marketplace to increase their visibility and encourage a different way of shopping". What’s more, the article explained that ‘the requirements for earning a place on the website are stringent’. The brands are all vetted and certified to ensure they live up to high quality standards and are socially responsible.

We were careful to mention how we avoid a frustrating phenomenon: greenwashing. "Before launching the platform, we travelled around Europe in search of producers who truly embrace sustainability as part of their DNA”. After attending specialist trade fairs and meeting with innovative entrepreneurs, Slow Nature managed to source a diverse range of certified suppliers and manufacturers committed to using innovative, organic or recycled materials, including bags made from apple waste and sweaters and trousers using organic wool and cotton.

The article noted that these small pioneers face the enormous challenge of standing out in a crowded and competitive market. That’s exactly what founder, Olga Yanovska Bianchi,discovered for herself when she launched her own organic cotton Lounge and Sleep Wear collection, she added, "I soon realized that fighting a lone battle against the conventional fashion market would be too tough for a start-up. That's why we started looking for sustainable brands and we invited them to join us.”

We want people to know that, "Slow Nature sends an important message: dressing responsibly from head to toe is possible. And we prove it by offering a rich catalogue of a thousand products, from clothing to underwear to accessories".

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