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Today we are talking about important topic closely related to cruelty free fashion: cruelty free (or vegan) shoes. We will answer the most frequently asked questions, but if after reading the article you still have questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What Are Cruelty Free Shoes?

They are shoes that absolutely do not use animal-based materials or at least most people think this is the truth. On the one hand cruelty free shoes use alternative animal-based materials, such as hemp, jute, cotton, rubber, leatherette, polyurethane and other synthetic materials.

But on the other hand, it is useless to say the least to buy cruelty free shoes made of very polluting materials. Environmental pollution destroys entire ecosystems, causing death and suffering equally in the animal world.

Buying cruelty free shoes is a choice that can make a difference in the animal world. Limiting the use of animal-based materials in the fashion industry is an easily achievable goal, as long as we all have to make more conscious choices when shopping. Regardless of whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or not.

Recognizing a cruelty free shoe is not as easy as you might think, but we at Slow Nature are here to help you understand the various labels and teach you how to recognize green textiles: a key aspect when it comes to Vegan clothing.


Most people, including vegans, might think that you just need to avoid buying leather, wool, silk, feathers or fur products, and some of this is true. But those who hold up textile certification as an integral part of sustainable fashion know that avoiding all animal-based materials is not always a cruelty free choice/ Or at least not 100%.

When Can We Call Shoes "Cruelty free?"

Shoes can be called cruelty free when they have textile certifications guaranteeing there are no animal-based materials in the product, as well as any form of animal exploitation during production. The 4 most famous international labels (certifications) are:

  • PETA
  • Animal Free
  • VeganOK
  • FurFree

Discover More About Textile Certifications

p>It's good to know that when we talk about sustainable fashion we usually divide it into 3 categories: eco-friendly, ethical and cruelty free. By eco-friendly we mean a product that respects the environment, by ethical we mean a product that avoids the social impact of textile production, while by cruelty free we mean a product that, in addition to not using materials of animal origin, does not exploit animals in the various production stages.


This is why we consider the presence of (certified) labels that can guarantee 1 or more of these conditions so important. Textile certifications are the basis for talking about these 3 categories of sustainable fashion. The best result is obtained when a cruelty free product is also eco-friendly (it has more than one certification).

In this sense the materials used for cruelty free shoes make the difference since it is the production of these materials that undoubtedly has the most impact on the environment. Starting with cruelty free and eco-friendly materials at the same time is certainly a great advantage:

  • Piñatex (pineapple)
  • Vegea (wine)
  • Appleskin (apple)
  • Ligneah (wood)
  • Fruitleather (mango)
  • Econyl
  • Newlife
  • Recyclable material
  • Organic cotton
  • Cavas
  • Cork
  • Recycled Materials

Discover More About Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Some of these materials are bio-based, i.e. biodegradable or compostable such as pineapple, wine, apple, wood, and mango skin. Others are equally biodegradable since they are of natural origin, organic cotton, hemp, rubber. Others are synthetic but equally eco-friendly because they are derived from recycled raw materials, Econyl and Newlife.

All of them are cruelty free. Some of them have certifications showing low carbon production and others socially responsible.

Because a 100% ecological fibre is not yet on the market, we can still choose to buy products made with a low carbon footprint that, although not perfect, are still the best choice we all should make.

Cruelty Free Shoes Online and in Shops

Cruelty free shoes are certainly more popular on the market compared to clothing, bags and other cruelty free accessories. It was one of the first accessories vegans required and that's why they have been more easily availiable over the years and are still on the rise.

It's still not easy to find them in common clothing stores and much easier to find them in online e-commerce where the offer of certified cruelty free shoes selection is really very wide, both from Italian and European brands.

Why Cruelty Free Shoes Are Important

We believe that the answer to this question can be found in every line of this article: cruelty free shoes are important to protect the animal kingdom.

In recent years we have killed most of the animals in the wild, not to mention those on intensive farms. The textile industry is largely responsible for these tragic events, but unlike the food industry, fashion could well do without them. Killing for clothing should be ended.

We are all growing more aware today, but not all of us are able to change our shopping habits.

Would you like to buy vegan products? Slow Nature is the right place to come as we offer an exclusive cruelty free fashion selection on our website.




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