How we started SlowNature collection?

How we started SlowNature collection?

The idea to create green fashion company comes from our passion towards sustainable living. Visiting numerous textile manufacturers, we have learned how damaging fashion industry can be towards environment and human health. Thanks to the vast quantities of chemicals, pesticides and toxic dyes used to produce fabrics, it has the dubious honor of being the world’s second-biggest environmental polluter.

We have decided to start our journey in sustainable fashion with sleep & loungewear, because these pieces have direct contact with your skin.

We have spent almost a year evaluating different yarn options and meeting manufacturers from around the world. We wanted our collection to be made with most special type of cotton. This is when we have discovered Organic ‘Pima’ cotton in Peru. It is a long-staple cotton of superior quality, renowned for both its exquisite softness, sheen and durability. Named after the indigenous Pima, it is so exclusive that less than 3% of all cottons are made using these unique fibres (and if you count how much is organic pima cotton it will be around 1%)


All our cotton is grown organically without the use of harmful chemicals. That's great for farmers, nature, the bees, fish and animals, because their health and well-being are directly dependent on with how the plants, the soil and the water are being treated.


Only organic cotton should be called vegan. Why? Because so many harmful pesticides and insecticides are used in regular cotton. This leads to soil deterioration, kills the bees, poisons waters and wildlife around the fields.


Organic pima cotton is a great choice for your skin as well! This is why so many sustainable labels for babies chose this super soft type of organic cotton to develop their precious collections. 


Sustainability is our mantra, and for SlowNature collection we used cotton grown according to strict guidelines and certified by the Global Organic Standards, commonly known as GOTS. All our colored fabrics are dyed according to OEKO-TEX international standards. This means we do not use any dyes that are harmful to our customers or the environment.

Instead of chasing the latest fashion trends, Slow Nature has collaborated with designers from Rome and Barcelona to create long-lasting, chic styles for our collection.

We would be glad to answer any of your questions regarding our work, send us a message and we will get back to you asap.

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