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Which water bottle brand is the best?

February 05, 2020

It seems everyone and their dog is carrying around a water bottle today. And it’s not just the gym bunnies showing off their hydration credentials. Increasing attention is being focussed on single -use plastics, particularly the amounts that end up in the ocean. Doing our bit means investing in and choosing a reusable water bottle. So, what water bottle is the best when it comes to sustainability? Which water bottles can be recycled? Not all water bottles are made the same. Many contain harmful chemicals such as BPA and the producers care very little about their environmental and social impact. That’s why Dopper as the perfect water bottle for the eco-conscious.


It’s fun, colourful and their water bottles come with a cup disguised as a cap. Another attachment makes it the ideal water bottle for the gym, for running or for the office. Designed by the Dutch designer, Rinke Van Remortel, they come in plastic and steel versions. The stainless steel bottle is perfect when thinking about which water bottle keeps water the coldest. It also eliminates the question of water bottle vs hydro flask. So what’s so special about Dopper bottles I hear you say?

As well as being a water bottle without BPA, the company that produces it truly cares about the environment. The Dopper Foundation supports clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in third world countries. They are very active in Nepal where 11% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water. On top of that, the bottles are produced with zero-carbon impact in the Netherlands. Dopper says “the message is in the bottle” and that message is of sustainability.

Dopper, water bottle, sustainable water bottle, flasks

So, what did I think of the Dopper? It’s unique, it’s practical, and it’s above all fashionable. When I bought a bottle for my daughter, I  instantly fell in love with the design. Often, I wonder why some water bottles smell bad. The three elements to this bottle instead are easy to put together and take apart making it is a much better for cleaning. There has clearly been a lot of thought and care gone into creating this product.


Which water bottle is best? Well, there is no single answer, as many manufacturers today are trying their best. But if you want a great functional design at affordable price, check out Dopper and see it for yourself!


Are you looking for a Pro-bottle that has won design Award and is Patent-pending? Then discover Juniki’s collection.


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