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The book everyone is talking about: Fashion Industry 2030.

The book everyone is talking about: Fashion Industry 2030.

January 29, 2020

Are you Sustainable Fashion Professional?  Or want to deep dive into the argument and get perspective from 50 industry leaders? Then you must read ‘Fashion Industry 2030’ book by Francesca Romana Rinaldi ASAP.

The next decade could be the most critical time period in history when you consider current global ecological and climate emergency. In Fashion Industry 2030: Reshaping the future of fashion through sustainability and responsible innovation, Francesca Romana Rinaldi explores the challenges and changes – both environmental and social - urgently needed in the fashion sector.

The book maps out the fashion industry’s route to 2030. Traceability, transparency, circularity and collaborative consumption are the key features Rinaldi identifies as needed to transform the present fashion supply chain. For Rinaldi, it’s a long road ahead. Last year’s ‘Fashion Pact’ signed by 32 fashion brands at the G7 Summit signals movement in the right direction. The signatories promise to focus on three sustainability goals: environment, biodiversity and climate.

Fashion Industry 2030 gives us hope that companies’ are gradually moving away from greenwashing to put in place best practices that really make a difference. Through the use of more than 50 interviews with fashion opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, managing directors, managers and associations, the book presents a wide variety of ideas, notably an innovative supply chain called ‘Renewed Fashion Value Chain’, where consumers have the option to prolong the life of a product. Along with interactive smart labels, AI consumer analysis, radical inclusivity, a move towards services such as repair, renting and reselling rather than production, and putting the environment and society above profits, the book shows what is possible.

 “Social issues are arising. The environment is suffering. Consumers are buying more and using less. Inventory levels are increasing. A concrete revolution is needed to see a more responsible fashion industry by 2030. Going ‘beyond sustainability’ is a must. Sustainability, as a term, must be used if, and only if, companies are able to reshape the processes along the activities of their value chains through the key driver of transparency and traceability, circularity and collaborative consumption”. - the author presented her work during the WSM Fashion Reboot at Base Milano earlier this month.



As the Director of Master studies in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management and the New Sustainable Fashion short course at Milano Fashion Institute (inter-university consortium among Bocconi University, Cattolica University and Polytechnic of Milan) and co-author of “L’Impresa Moda Responsabile” (Egea, 2013), “The Responsible Fashion Company”, Rinaldi is the perfect authority on the future of fashion. In addition to her work as an industry spokesperson and executive consultant for companies in the Fashion and Luxury industries with a focus on brand management, sustainability, digital strategies and business model innovation.

Fashion Industry 2030 is already making waves. Vogue Italia’s Sara Sozzani Maino said, “Fashion Industry 2030 is a concrete book for anyone who wants to know how transparency, traceability, circularity and collaborative consumption are affecting the industry. Education towards new business models is nowadays fundamental to contribute to a better world through responsible fashion”.

Fashion Industry 2030: Reshaping the future through sustainability and responsible innovation” is published by Egea-Bocconi University Press.


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